Past Puppies

Giant Gray

This big boy is the son of Kima and River!  Get your deposit in soon if you would like to have a Giant Gray like “Buster” here!

Misha ~ Wolf Gray

Misha ~ Gray Female
Now living in AZ she is living the good life in the land of no snow.  Alaskan Malamutes do fine in warmer weather, and as long as their treated like any mammal and given water, food, and shelter they will thrive.



Serabi ~ Black & White Female



Hershey ~ Gray Male


Violet ~ Kima & Avalanche puppy

Violet ~ Wooly Gray Female ~ $2,000.00
This Girl is AMAZING, her wooly coat really makes her stand out!


RJ ~ Son of Ruckus & McKinley

Camo ~ Giant Red Wooly Malamute

Camo ~ Wooly Red Male ~


Willow ~ Gray  Female ~ 7 weeks in this picture.  Her parents are Ruckus and Everest.



Moose ~ Gray Male
Going to be loved by Jennifer in MA!



Goliath ~ White ~ Male ~ SOLD
The giant white malamute is the most rare of all the malamute colors.  Goliath is out of Denali and Prime!

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Luna ~ Black and White Female
~ Out of Arya and Avalanche ~

With a large blaze and a white spot on her back that is shaped like a moon, she is awesome.

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Storm Shadow

Storm Shadow lives in Switzerland.  He is a huge woolly boy, and loves the time he gets to spend running the trail!  Look for more puppies like Storm Shadow coming from breedings with River!

Bristol & Prime

Bristol and Prime had 6 healthy puppies!

If you would like to get one of our Giant Woolly White Alaskan malamutes you might want to put a deposit down on a Bristol & Prime litter! Don’t miss out on this chance to get your dream puppy!




Ricky ~ Now living in Brazil ~ Rare Mahogany Seal Red ~

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IceCube is a Pure White Woolly Giant Alaskan Malamute

His long woolly coat really makes him a winner.  He is very outgoing and loves to romp and play with our family and kids!

If you are looking for the very best White Malamutes in the World, you may want to place a deposit on the BRISTOL / PRIME breeding again.  We are taking deposits on their spring litter now!

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Puppies from Past Litters

These are just a few of our past puppies!

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Winter Bell

Winter Bell is the daughter of Ziva & Charger.

She is an amazing woolly girl.  She is going to look like her mother Ziva!   Watch for Ziva to have more puppies that look like Winter Bell.

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Denali & Optimus Prime


Optimus Prime & Denali

Moose is a rare Giant White Alaskan Malamute.  White Malamutes are the most rare, and the hardest to come by.  Giant Whites are even rarer!

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