Koda Charger River Prime Avalanche
Charger KINGFISHER’S MIDNIGHT CHARGER   Charger was born August 14th 2008 Charger is one of our TOP studs. He has awesome puppies! He throws Giant Woolly Mahogany Puppies, some of the darkest red we have ever seen, as well as black and white & gray puppies. (click on pedigree to enlarge, may take a few seconds)
River River is a Woolly Giant!  He was born August 8th 2009.  One of the best upcoming studs in the world.  Look for his litters to be amazing!  He is a true lover, and would rather be with you than do anything else.  He is a mommas boy for sure, always wanting to be with Jaime! […]
Prime Prime is a big boy!  He loves the kids and the kids love him. We need to get some dog saddles .
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New Litters

Available Alaskan Malamute Puppies for Sale

There are new litters of puppies being born all the time! The Giant Alaskan Malamute normally has a litter of 5-9 puppies.  To see the litters that we have available right now click on the different litters at the side nav. or under the drop down on available puppies.


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