New Puppies Soon!

We have several litters coming in the near future!   To see what litters are coming click on the Coming Litters link at the top of the page, it is under the Available Puppies link!

Something to consider when choosing a puppy:
Woolly Giant Alaskan Malamutes need to be brushed.  Charger LOVES IT!  Giant Alaskan Malamutes have 2 types of coats.  Woolly like Charger & Ziva, and Standard like Koda & Klutina. Coat type is something to think about when choosing your Giant Alaskan Malamute. Our next few litters should have both types of coats.

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Charger was born August 14th 2008
Charger Has gone into Retirement, he Has Sired some amazing litters but will no longer be Breeding. Ruckus Has Stepped into his shoes and has proved to Throw just as Spectacular puppies. If you wanted a puppy from this guy, Don’t count out his Son Ruckus!

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River is a Woolly Giant!  He was born August 8th 2009.  One of the best upcoming studs in the world.  Look for his litters to be amazing!  He is a true lover, and would rather be with you than do anything else.  He is a mommas boy for sure, always wanting to be with Jaime!  We have him paired up with Ziva this spring and expect this litter to be awesome!

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