Beautiful Light Red female $2500


Stunning Light Red Girl $2500


Beautiful Light red Female $2500


Red Agouti Standard coat Female $2500


Light Red and white standard coat male$2500


Beautiful Smokey Black and white Female $2000


Handsome black and white closed face Male $2200


Handsome smokey Black and white Male $2200


AMAZING closed face black and white Male $2200


Stunning black and white male who will look just like his sister Chena!! $2200


Gorgeous Smokey Black and white Female $2000


Amazing Black and white closed face will look like our Midnight Charger$2200


Another stunning boy who will look very similar to sister Chena. $2200



Amazing closed face bow with an intense look! $2200


This girl is a stunning black and white with Perfect structure with a superb square head and thick legs. Her and her brother are so silly and goofy they will brighten anyones day! $2000


Beautiful Light red and white Girl $2500.00


Gorgeous Splashy Light Red Girl $2500


Beautiful Sable Girl with a Blaze $1000


Drop dead Gorgeous light Gray and white Girl $1000



Gorgeous Silver Gray girl with a great Structure! $1000
This girls best friend is an Australian shepherd who she has grown up with, its such an awesome friendship between the two!



Caspian is a gorgeous red and white splashy boy, He is the son of Chena and Ruckus and looks just like his dad!
Caspian is all boy and a never ending puppy. He loves to to play but my goodness this boy is just like his dad and would much prefer to cuddle up and sit in your lap. He is the definition of an oversized lap dog. WE are so excited to see what he will bring to the king fisher family.

Male Alaskan Malamute Dog


This is a handsome fellow with a stunning  face $2200


Angus is an Amazing Boy and we look forward to the puppies he will produce in our breeding program. He caught our eye at first with his black and white Splash coat who he certainly takes after his grandpa River with. Most of all though, watching Angus Grow into a spectacular well tempered dog was evening more amazing than his crazy coat. He is still a very large boy but a smaller Giant, what he lacks in size he makes up for in personality. He is in Excellent health and at only a year old has exceeded 100 lbs we will watch him fill even more out over the next couple of years and watch his vivacious and infectious personality grow! He is sure to capture the hearts of many just like he did ours!


Beautiful Light Red Girl $2500


Splendid Wolf Gray and white boy! $2200


Dashing Gray and white Male $2200


Handsome Boy is a spitting Image of Dad $2500



Handsome Wolf Gray Boy $2200

KingFishers Mighty Savage

Savage is a Light Red Wooly. He is the Son of our Klondike and the grandson of the Mighty Koda. He has the charm and looks of both dad and grandpa. His mother is a beautiful large female named luna who is sweet as can be. Savage is the future of Kingfishers and he is already proving to produce Healthy,beautiful, handsome, large, and perfect pups.


Gorgeous red and white splash coat. This beauty is the daughter of Lexus and Avalanche. Avalanche is no longer breeding but I know her and her siblings Angus and Breeze will make his legacy proud. She is a very fun loving free spirit. Anyone who knows malamutes know they are very affectionate towards humans and she is a great example of that. Anytime you are around her she will jump into your arms and give you the deepest hug a dog could give. She is sweeter than a sugar cane and as beautiful as can be!

Gail Warning

Warning is the Daughter of Nikiski & Prime. Warning is Nothing But Personality… She is goofy, outgoing, playful, very expressive. This Beauty wears her heart on her sleeve, she has such a vibrant and loving personality that its hard to over look her. She shows all her emotions on her face as you can see in her pictures that seems to always be the infamous malamute goofy grin. Her future is bright at KingFishers and her puppies wont be any less than perfect.

Royal Kimber

Kimber is a daughter of Zadi and Klondike. She is a Very sweet girl who is exceptionally calm. She has a demeanor like no other and adores to cuddle but has a fun playful side to her. She loves to go on walks through the woods but always stays by your side. Kimber is a very loving and loyal girl and we are excited to see this awesome personality pass to her puppies!

Kingfishers Mighty Aleutian

We are excited to add Aleutian to our program, He is a Giant Amazing lovable boy. He takes after his mom Everest with his Stunning sable coat and takes after his dad River with one exceptionally fantastic personality… He loves water and splashing in the mud. At just a year old he is up to 130lbs! We expect some great puppies in the near future from this handsome big guy!!!!


KingFishers Summit Rose

This Beautiful girl has one sweet personality on her. She is such a goofy girl, loves to jump,run, And full force dive into snow piles. She is the biggest social butterfly Just like her Mom Chena & Dad Klondike! We are very Excited to see the joy her puppies will  bring to families, Just like she brings us so much joy.


~ Alyeska ~

Alyeska is LARGE & Sweet as can be, She has a body structure like her dad and a sweet goofy personality like both of her parents!!

This Gorgeous girl is a wonderful addition to the KingFisher Family, Look out for her litters to come she has some spectacular pups!!





Beautiful Spring Breeze  is daughter of Avalanche & Kima
She is Beautiful with a FANTASTIC curious personality.
She is a Wonderful Addition to the KingFisher Family. Look out for her Litters she Has some Amazing pups!



Our Beautiful Tundra has passed, She lived a very long full life. She touched the hearts of anyone she ever met. She was one of the most incredible dogs we have had and are so thankful to have her lines continued in our kennel. She will be forever missed.

Giant Alaskan Malamute Dogs for Sale

Royal ~ Female ~Sold

One of a Kind Seal Coat wooly Girl, Simply Gorgeous!



Majestic ~Female~ Sold

AMAZING Girl Will Look Just Like Her Mom, She is Simply Outstanding!


Bling ~ SOLD

Bling ~ Black and White Female ~ $2000.00 ~ SOLD



Rockstar ~ SOLD

Rockstar ~ Wolf Gray Male ~ $2000.00 ~ SOLD



Monster ~ SOLD

Monster ~ Wolf Gray Male ~ $2000.00 ~ SOLD



Energy ~ SOLD

Energy ~ Black and White Male ~ $2000.00 ~




Leo ~ SOLD

Leo ~ Red and White Male ~ $2500.00 ~ SOLD



The Loan Ranger ~ SOLD

The Loan Ranger ~ Gray and White Male ~ SOLD



Batman ~ SOLD

Batman ~ Red and White Male ~ $2500.00 – SOLD

Big boy with a longer looking coat!
Going to be a show stopper for sure!


Spiderman ~ SOLD

Spiderman ~ Red and White Male ~ $2500.00 ~ SOLD

This big boy has a beautiful white blaze!  Great big front legs and skull, going to be a Giant for sure!



Iron Man ~ SOLD

Iron Man ~ Red and White Male ~ SOLD
Going to look much like his GrandFather MIGHTY KODA!



Captian America ~ SOLD

Captian America ~ Gray and White Male ~ SOLD



Cherish ~ SOLD

Cherish ~ Red & White Closed Face ~ SOLD
Beautiful girl with a Fantastic head!