Joshua and Jaime,

I wanted to let you guys know that Stryker has been doing great and is really active!  His potty training has been going well, you gave him a great head start. He’s a totally awesome pup and I couldn’t be happier with him. He’s been having a blast running around the house chewing on everything and anything in sight!
I can’t thank you guys enough for everything, this has really brought a lot of happiness into my life!
I will keep in touch with updates and everything etc…  Have a great evening!

Troy Ryks
Palmer, Alaska



Heather and Axle

Hi Josh and Jamie!
I have attached some photos of Axle.   We are absolutely LOVING having this pup around.   He is so smart!   I haven’t looked forward to coming home for a long time but the work day cant end soon enough to get home to this little (big) guy.   Thank you guys so much for doing what you do.   Thank you!


SrA Sheets, Justin W.


Yeti 4 months


Dear Jaime and Joshua,

To say that our Yeti (Bristol and Prime’s Storm) is a great dog is such an understatement! He is beautiful, loving, and sooooo smart!. He has learned to sit, give paws (one at a timeJ), lay down, and is learning how to catch. At 4 months he’s not our “little baby doggie” anymore since he weighs 50 lbs!! Here are some pictures I know you’ll enjoy. Feel free to put them on your website so everyone can see how grown up he is.

Sylvia, Robert and Yeti

Long Island, NY

Ice Cube

Joshua & Jaime,

First let me thank you for Ice Cube. He is doing great and growing every day. His temperament is amazing and he has settled quite well with our family. He is extremely friendly and very well adjusted.  He had a great time at the beach and couldn’t get enough of the snow. He completed his puppy training with great ease and he will start his next training session in a couple of weeks…

I wish you all the best.

Stephane Halimi

Drifter & Summit

This pictures Drifter (left) 6 months Summit (right) 9 months!

Hey Josh- I wanted to let you and Jaime know how THRILLED I am with Drifter and Summit! Summit is absolutely stunning, and Drift is built just like Pearl with a gorgeous coat. I really could not be happier.
~ Lisa Wall Yeates ~

Healthy Puppy

Hey Josh and Jaime,

Just wanted to let you know that Cy is adjusting well.  He had his check up today and was deemed perfectly healthy and has already gained 1.6 lbs, since you weighed him at 8 weeks.  He kept us up the first night, but I gave him the hoody I wore when we picked him up and it became his favorite toy.  He actually grabs one end and drags it around.  It’s so funny and he slept much better the second night with it.  Thanks again for such a sweet pup.
Patrick and Jen ~ Fairbanks, Alaska

Well Socialized

This was Kimberley! now Tikaani =] she is so loved already and remarkably smart.  ALREADY getting the hang of potty training AND will give her paw on command!  So loving and well socialized! CANT thank yall enough for everything, most importantly our sweet puppy, and we’ll keep you updated for sure…

Katherine Derrick ~ Alaska

Puppy Flight

Dear Josh & Jaime,
Ashley tolerated her 22 hr trip to the east coast well.  Both her and her cage were clean when she arrived at airport.   When we arrived home at midnight, she peed, ate (thank you for the packet of food) and drank well,    played her heart out in our 10 degree weather,  pooped (solid) and then slept till the kids woke her at 6:00am to play before heading off to school at 7am.   When awakened her cage was again unsoiled,  she peed outside, ate, drank and peed and pooped.  Slept when kids left for school and  went out and played  again at 10am    and seems to be have a great routine going.   She is alert and playful.  Our family can not thank you enough.   You have made several dreams come true.
John Romo ~ New Jersey

Ziva & Charger Puppy

This is Carrie, who is now named Hera (heera). She is just beautiful!! WAY bigger then i ever thought and pictures could never do her justice. She definitely adds a spark to this house with her little diva attitude but at the same time is so playful and snuggly! We love her so much and will be back for a second hopefully in the very near future! Thanks for everything and answering my million questions!!

Cassandra Ulmer ~ Canada