Our Beautiful Tundra has passed, She lived a very long full life. She touched the hearts of anyone she ever met. She was one of the most incredible dogs we have had and are so thankful to have her lines continued in our kennel. She will be forever missed.

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KingFisher’s McKinley

KingFishers Mckinley
Mckinley is a Beautiful girl who is full of love and energy.
She is up for adoption and looking for an active family who loves to go on hikes and walks. She would do great with other male dogs, She is an active girl who melts like butter in the arms of those who are petting her! She has Gone into her new loving home.

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Charger was born August 14th 2008
Charger Has gone into Retirement, he Has Sired some amazing litters but will no longer be Breeding. Ruckus Has Stepped into his shoes and has proved to Throw just as Spectacular puppies. If you wanted a puppy from this guy, Don’t count out his Son Ruckus!

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This Big Beautiful Girl has gone into retirement , She is a very happy go lucky female. She does well with Male dogs. This being an older female she will take a little time to adjust to her new home but certainly will make a great companion. She is $200 on a spay contract With a $200 Refund with proof of spay. Would prefer her to stay local to Alaska But willing to Ship.. Shipping for an Adult will be around $800


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